Namuli - Africa

For climber and conservationist Majka Burhardt, it all started with a photograph. She was sent a picture of a huge, pristine granite dome somewhere in Africa. Mt. Namuli's story goes back a long time. The second highest peak in Mozambique, it supports a thriving community of people and biodiversity. People here have a deep connection with their environment. The health of the mountain's environment is one with their own wellbeing, but this is threatened by unsustainable resource use and lack of formal protection in Mozambique leaves the mountain and its people vulnerable.

This ecosystem is hardly understood by the international scientific community, and much of its flora and fauna live high up on the precipitous rock walls. In 2014, Majka and a team of biologists, climbers, and filmmakers set out for Namuli on a mission to connect with the community, explore their mountain, and discover their world so that it may be conserved.

"Legado" means legacy in Portuguese, the official language of Mozambique. The Legado Initiative, founded by Majka, is creating its mark on the world through legacy-driven conservation in Mozambique. This model involves local stakeholders with ownership and direction in their own natural resource futures. By empowering the people who's heritage revolves around this mountain, we can ensure a powerful legacy for generations to come.

The full-length film will premiere at Telluride Mountain Film May 27-30, 2016.